The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty Begins Now….

The Historic franchise known as the Minnesota Vikings ultimately created what football is today. From the first mobile Quarterback – Fran Tarkenton. To the first dominant defense – The Purple People Eaters. We revolutionized the NFL in a way no other sports organization has. Every franchise is now trying to emulate these trends we started from over fifty years ago! We are way ahead of our time, and will always be considered the best franchise in sports. SKOL.


32 thoughts on “The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty Begins Now….

  1. Ron Choron

    greatest sports franchise on earth? Lol, maybe you should come visit earth once in a while. The greatest franchise is The New York Yankees…….
    Its not even close.If you go by your criteria the buffalo bills are the best with no superbowl victories either.i’m not much for expressions but you drank too much purple koolaid.

  2. chris

    Hey I’ve been seeing your trolling ass for awhile now, on packer posts, bears posts and a handful of others. I would suggest rooting for another team as long as you see the vikings as the best out there your delusional they’re not even the best in their own division. They haven’t been relevant since Warren Moon, Randy Moss and Chris Carter we’re still playing together. Only one of those they drafted and you probably don’t know which one either. # packersincefansince93

  3. Harry Peter Grant

    I have been a Minnesota Vikings fan since 12/23/68–when they lost their 1st playoff game to the Super Bowl-bound, Baltimore Colts. I appreciate the pft poet’s insightful positive comments, devotion, blind faith, and humor concerning his Vikings allegiance. The haters are hot-headed, humor-less, and/or imbeciles.

      1. Cordawg

        You and your Vikings suck balls! No wonder why your talking shit to the best franchise in history, the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS motherfucker! Know your place in the world!

  4. Justin Gorniak III

    Are you smoking crack or are you just that damn stupid. Your posts about the Packers are that of a person whom has no real knowledge of football or the NFL at all. Your just a want-a-be winner. I am so sorry for the people who have to listen to you in person.

      1. queenOwner

        PFT, love your posts, your description of Packer fans is exactly how we picture you and your fellow queen fans, except for your zit riddled faces.

      2. theawkwardyears

        To recap Packers fan: The VIkings have zero championships and The Packers have the most in Pro Football history. ThePftPoet: You and your wife are fat. Genius. Have you worked in the Vikings front office for the last 50 years?

  5. John

    If you think the Vikings will go to the SuperBowl this year you are on DOPE!!!!! In addition, I just hope Adrian Peterson realizes it’s time for him to go to another team or he will be just like Barry Sanders. Hate to break your heart man but Vik’s wont go to the SB for another 8 years or more and that’s just how it is…..

  6. greenbay4ever

    Move out of your parents basement and get a girl friend. Your delusional. Packers have 4 rings Your trophy case is empty.
    I get it. You love the Vikings and hey thats great. It’s called the Lombardi Trophy. Not the Leslie Frazier trophy or the Brad Chiildress Trophy or the Mike Tice trophy. Get real dude.


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