Why the Minnesota Vikings have a lot to look forward to.

Here’s proof to everyone that the the Minnesota Vikings have the offense in the entire NFL, all based on only facts :

RB: MVP Adrian Peterson – will go down as one of the players of all time, maybe the best RB to ever to play the game.
FB: Jerome Felton – One of only two fullbacks that made the pro bowl, was the lead blocker for the second best rushing season of all time.
WR: Greg Jennings – 2x pro bowler & Super Champion as the #1 receiver.
WR2: Cordarrelle Patterson – Made the Pro Bowl his rookie season and talent wise is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL when the ball is in his hands, the WR version of Adrian Peterson.
TE: Kyle Rudolph – Was named Pro Bowl MVP in 2013 – scored over 8 TD’s with Christian Ponder at QB, enough said.
LT- Matt Kalil – Made the Pro Bowl his rookie season, an elite athlete who’s thrives in pass blocking, a great center piece for a dominant offense.
C- John Sullivan – was named as an All-Pro in 2012, otherwise he was the best center in the NFL that year. A dominant run blocker, who overpowers any defensive tackle.
RT – Phil Loadholt – According to PFF, which records each and every snap on every player – he was ranked as the #2 Right Tackle in NFL, a dominant force in the run game.

Kicker: Blair Walsh – Was an All Pro and voted to the Pro Bowl his rookie season, broke the all time record for 50+ yards field goals made in a row, easily one of the best kickers in the entire league.

These are pure & undeniable facts that prove the the Vikings have the most talented young offense in the league, and will immensely prove with stability at QB – which we will fix and find our franchise Quarterback in the draft.

Every single position on our Offense is stacked with talented young players who all already have Pro Bowls and other rare accomplishments on their resume.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe that we won’t have the best offense in the entire NFL based on stats & facts alone.

With Norv Turner now as our new OC (who’s won 2 Super Bowls) Our immense offensive talent can actually thrive in a proven system of dominance, not playing under Mr. Note Card sized playbook Musgave.

Whoever isn’t completely convinced that the Vikings are the best offense in the NFL after reading all this, knows absolutely nothing about the NFL and should result to watching sports that fit their unpreferable viewing style – like Soccer.


43 thoughts on “Why the Minnesota Vikings have a lot to look forward to.

    1. Mightyampeg

      You’re dumb and know nothing about football. If you honestly think a 6-3 team is “turrible” then you can go reevaluate.

  1. stableruyuy

    I appreciate your passionbut dude you’re a Vikings fan they are one of the most irrelevant teams in professional sports 2 try to said that the Raiders always fail when picking a quarterback is like throwing stones in a glass house who the hell has ever been a good quarterback for you and your purple gay Jersey you guys are one of the most embarrassing examples of an NFL franchise at least the Raiders brand and make money and have clout. as a die-hard Viking fan you have nocredit to talk s*** about one of the greatest franchises in professional sports recognize you bitch

  2. baxxxx34

    Your comment about vikings winning a superbowl, is rsther comical. How many times have they CHOCKED. Your teams trash with one guy on offense worth talking about. All seriousness Packers are far better and will sweep this team this year. Along with the bears. 5-11 for a team who you think so good.

  3. thepftpoetcankissmyass

    Funny thing is how you name every “bust” the Packers make, but yet you don’t even look at your own busts. Grow a pair of balls, be a true man, and finally admit that your team is in a rebuilding stage.

  4. Joe

    The intro you choose regarding the information you are providing as strictly facts is far from truth. To begin, Peterson going down as possibly the best RB to ever play is not a fact. That is a mere subjective opinion. A fact as defined by Webster’s is “a thing that is indisputably the case.” Mere subjective opinion is never a truth because it is disputable, hence it is in direct contradiction to what a fact actually is. That is a fact. Adrian Peterson rushing for 296 yards in a game is a fact, opinions are far from facts. Now, there do appear to be facts mixed in your “appraisal” of the Vikings offense, but before you declare your entire analysis is based on facts be sure you are speaking truthfully. Just a heads up before you do any more foolish posts, which are foolish enough seeing as they are attempting to legitimize the Vikings offense as one of the best in the NFL, especially when the most important position has been something of a question mark to say the least. Just for your reference that is an opinion, although it may appear to be a fact.

  5. Shua

    This article is just plain silly. The author is a bonefide idiot. And I don’t necessarily dislike the vikes either. Don’t quit your day job moron

  6. Chris

    Wow you must be a Vikings fan… I didn’t take my time reading this entire thing but Jennings has that career because of Rodgers. He won’t put up numbers like that again.
    Vikings may be the most irrelvevant team and they have a lot of holes.
    I clicked on your page because you left a comment that packers are on a deep decline and Rodgers is injury prone? He’s missed two games due to injury before last year. No one has ever said he’s injury prone so you’re just looking for this to pull out of your ass

  7. Ty

    Dude, I’m a Packers fan, but if I didn’t really hate the Vikings before I read this incredibly shitty article, I really do now. First, every single thing I have read that you’ve written has been so delusional it actually makes me laugh out loud. I admire your passion for your team, but your love for them doesn’t make your claim that anyone who doesn’t agree with your (incorrect) opinion that the Vikings have the best offense in the league, right. You don’t have a proven quarter back and you have the least talented recieving core in our division alone, not to mention your team is famous for choking. Also, the more I read this article, the more I think you’re the one who knows nothing about the NFL. Keep pumping this stuff out though, it’s great for when I need a good laugh. Oh, and Soccer is amazing, which is my opinion, but I would rather watch the USMNT get stomped by Germany on Thursday than watch the Vikings try and keep up with the rest of the league.

  8. Jason

    I wish you had better things to do besides bash the Pack LOL. I hope you are not a gambling man, because the Vikings beating the Bears in the division is a long shot let alone the Pack or the Lions. All I can hope for is that the Packers with the Super bowl in your new stadium.

  9. elgatowis

    I know many viking fans, they are for the most part realistic. you my friend are delusional. Your “Facts” are based on performance from times gone by, everything other than Peterson and Patterson on this team sucks.. Jennings is a ghost without Rodgers, and YOU HAVE NO QB… Did anyone watch Teddy throw it into the dirt Bridgewater at Proday? He was a very average QB in College, that always translates well to the NFL, much like Christian throw the ball everywhere Ponder.. They keep reaching on QB’s… As an Oklahoma Fan I feel so bad for Peterson he ended up with this dreadful franchise. They will never win anything as long as Rodgers is still in the Division…

  10. JLGray

    Packers are better than the Viqueens. You have the best running back with the worst team, Detroit beat you, and so did the bears and packers, No Super Bowl for Vikings..

  11. Alex

    I like your optimism and statistical analysis “but” optimism doesn’t win championships and neither do stats. I would not feel comfortable with an offense with no legit quarterback and decent line and amazing running back and aging #1 receiver, up and comer in Patterson and who else to throw to? Also and defense that lost their best lineman and is nowhere near a top defense in the league. Sounds a lot like the Lions when they had superstar Hall of Famer Barry Sanders. A rookie quarterback is not going to solve the problems that the Vikings had last year and a Superbowl, hahahahahahahaha (deep breath of air) ah hahahahahahahahaha. You will be lucky if they smell the playoffs because just about everyone else can make the same claims and do make the same claims before the season starts. Remember Panther Ryan Kalil’s Superbowl guarantee. #keepdreamin

  12. coleman121280

    This is truth, I have seen this coming for quite some time now and it is unstoppable. It would be wise for which ever county in Green Bay, Wisconsin to hire invest public funds in grief counsels b/c the Dynasty will crush all hopes of living in state inhabitants. Skol…

  13. Doctor

    I would love to meet this person. As a die hard Vikings fan myself, I don’t take this guy seriously, but find him hysterical. Brightens my day with every post.

  14. aaron tanner

    I didn’t think it was possible to be more stupid and incorrect than a raiders fan about talking up their team when they are absolute garbage, but you my friend are fucking stupid…

  15. Ryan

    U r a retarded vikings fan so when’s the last time u r team made the super bowl or even played in one probably not in your lifetime typical loser ass vi queen fan

  16. MasMacho

    Congratulations on being the largest jackass on PFT.com. Eclipsed logicalvoicessays and his glorious ignorance and stupidity. Reading 2 posts it’s pretty easy to see that you’re incompetent regarding the most basic elements of football. Shut up now.

  17. PFT Poet hater

    you are a complete, fucking idiot.
    I actually like the Vikings as I have several MN located friends, but you make me hope the whole team dies in a fire. Luckily, most will have to use a time machine to use WordPress and find your bullshit.

  18. badguy711

    You are the biggest troll on the internet, and you involvement in PFT makes it a worse site. I literally hate every single comment you make, and that is exactly what you are trying to achieve. I feel sorry for anyone whose hobby is trying to make people be annoyed when they read comments on a website. Please do everyone who comes on PFT a favor and stop posting. Seriously. You bring literally nothing to the table.

  19. Braddd

    You are truely an idiot if u actually believe all that shit u just wrote! Dont get high expections or youre gonna be doing alot of crying this year

  20. purplepain87

    Ouch, my friend, how wrong you were. LOL.

    I can see how you felt that way, though, at the time. It’s unfortunate how things have happened.

    Either way, I love your passion. There is a better place to share your Vikings love. Check out my page for a link.

    It is a Minnesota Vikings fan message board, and I think you’ll fit right in! I hope to see you there! Thanks!

  21. jonnguy2014

    LOL how is that number 1 offense? 20th in yards, 27th in points. 7-9? LMAO
    To be honest though, the Vikings do have the weapons to be a top offense. Adrian Peterson, Rudolph, (btw Walsh was one of the worst kickers in the league this year, with a 74% success rate), Jennings and Patterson if he can stay healthy. But weapons are only as strong as the person who wields them(the quarterback) and Bridgewater is not a good enough wielded to make this offense elite yet. You will have to wait a couple more years……but by that time AP will have retired

  22. jonnguy2014

    Don’t get me wrong, Bridgewater has been doing fine in his rookie year, and the Peterson suspension only made things worse, but you need a top ten quarterback to be a sb contender, sorry

  23. theprophetfromtrailopen

    Dear “ThePFTpoet”, i accidentally hit the “ReportComment” button. I was trying to reply. Thank you for TRUE INSPIRATION & ENCOURAGEMENT. I was still smarting my wounds from all the money I lost on the first game of the season; when I thought a good way to make it up was to listen to Freddie Roach on Miguel Cotto fighting Canelo. 14 hours later I was at the game.

    We have no OLine stability/consistency. Yes, I see now the future ghosts of Loadholt and Sullivan coming to the rescue in 2016. The calls WERE horrible. Wallace sees Teddy throw and OMG, WTF goes on between those two? I was 30 yards from Wallace when he muffed a relatively easy catch for a first. Adrian broke me with that fumble. I sobered up the next morning.

    I bought a single seat at the new stadium. So, am i committing blasphemy for saying I think our 3rd backup QB throws a ball more like a laser? I love Teddy’s guts and determination, I want to see him win. My “NFL/Futures Bets” want to see him win. I just am not comfortable with that wafting kind of ball he throws. Its not a frozen rope. Do you see it like that?
    That being said, while I would think we must use our top picks for the OL, cause not only won’t Teddy survive getting beat up but AP is being stopped because of the OL now, but after drafting for OL, I noticed you also think we’ll draft at QB?


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