Why the Minnesota Vikings have a lot to look forward to.

Here’s proof to everyone that the the Minnesota Vikings have the offense in the entire NFL, all based on only facts :

RB: MVP Adrian Peterson – will go down as one of the players of all time, maybe the best RB to ever to play the game.
FB: Jerome Felton – One of only two fullbacks that made the pro bowl, was the lead blocker for the second best rushing season of all time.
WR: Greg Jennings – 2x pro bowler & Super Champion as the #1 receiver.
WR2: Cordarrelle Patterson – Made the Pro Bowl his rookie season and talent wise is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL when the ball is in his hands, the WR version of Adrian Peterson.
TE: Kyle Rudolph – Was named Pro Bowl MVP in 2013 – scored over 8 TD’s with Christian Ponder at QB, enough said.
LT- Matt Kalil – Made the Pro Bowl his rookie season, an elite athlete who’s thrives in pass blocking, a great center piece for a dominant offense.
C- John Sullivan – was named as an All-Pro in 2012, otherwise he was the best center in the NFL that year. A dominant run blocker, who overpowers any defensive tackle.
RT – Phil Loadholt – According to PFF, which records each and every snap on every player – he was ranked as the #2 Right Tackle in NFL, a dominant force in the run game.

Kicker: Blair Walsh – Was an All Pro and voted to the Pro Bowl his rookie season, broke the all time record for 50+ yards field goals made in a row, easily one of the best kickers in the entire league.

These are pure & undeniable facts that prove the the Vikings have the most talented young offense in the league, and will immensely prove with stability at QB – which we will fix and find our franchise Quarterback in the draft.

Every single position on our Offense is stacked with talented young players who all already have Pro Bowls and other rare accomplishments on their resume.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe that we won’t have the best offense in the entire NFL based on stats & facts alone.

With Norv Turner now as our new OC (who’s won 2 Super Bowls) Our immense offensive talent can actually thrive in a proven system of dominance, not playing under Mr. Note Card sized playbook Musgave.

Whoever isn’t completely convinced that the Vikings are the best offense in the NFL after reading all this, knows absolutely nothing about the NFL and should result to watching sports that fit their unpreferable viewing style – like Soccer.


The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty Begins Now….

The Historic franchise known as the Minnesota Vikings ultimately created what football is today. From the first mobile Quarterback – Fran Tarkenton. To the first dominant defense – The Purple People Eaters. We revolutionized the NFL in a way no other sports organization has. Every franchise is now trying to emulate these trends we started from over fifty years ago! We are way ahead of our time, and will always be considered the best franchise in sports. SKOL.